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Woman on a Bridge #1 of 5: Tar Beach (1988)

The richness of Faith Ringgold’s textured artwork dazzles me. She had been ignore for so long in the artworld, but at the age of 91 she is being celebrated for the truly amazing and influential artist she always was and a lifetime of work to prove it. Much of her earlier work was dark, documenting dark times and political struggle. She was ever an activist and continues to be. But so much of her work expresses a joyful celebration of life and art and story-telling. You can see more of her art and read about her life here.

Groovin’ High, 1996
Sonny’s Bridge (1986)
Matisse’s Model: The French Collection Part I, #5 (1991)
Dancing at the Louvre
Slave Rape # 2 – Run You Might Get Away (1972)
American People Series #15: Hide Little Children (1966)
Ancestors Part II, 2017 “The children of the world were inspired to rise up from their beds to join their ancestors in their song and dance for a better world. They sang: We are young but we are many, filled with love not hate. Let us work for a world of peace.”
The Woman’s House (2019) Mural at Riker’s Island of inmates she interviewed.