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Deb 19

I. My art “home away from home”

Nearly every week I come to paint with friends at this art studio, tucked away in the vineyards of Paso Robles. My friend Deb had it built years ago. I met her and Paula when we took a pastel class together two years ago. Since then, it’s become my art “home away from home.” We sit and paint and laugh and chat and encourage each other. It’s been a blessing to have such friends in my life.

Deb 16

Debs art studio 1

Debs art studio 7

Debs art studio 8

Debs art studio 5

II. Terrill Welch’s Art Studio

Terrill’s artwork and studio has been an inspiration to me since I first met her over five years ago when I began blogging. I loved the way she talked about her work and her creative process on her blog at Creative Potager. And I loved the charming space that she worked in and her beautiful surroundings on Mayne Island in British Columbia

She created her own U-Tube video of her home art studio which I am happy to share here. Recently she opened her own art gallery to showcase her artwork.



III. Kelly Rae Robert’s “Soul Shine” Art Studio

I’ve never met Kelly, but I fell in love with the studio she shared with three other women when I was searching for inspirations for my own studio. I love the color, the whimsy, and all the creative ways of organizing and storing art supplies.

Her website and blog are full of lots of interesting and inspiring articles and podcasts. You can take a tour of her “Soul Shine” studio here. She has since moved on and tours of her new studios can be found here.

What inspires you in your work? Do you have any favorite art studios or writing spaces that inspire you to create?