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Emil Nolde - Reddish-brown Couple (Embracing)

Emil Nolde – Lover’s Embracing

Some favorite pairings in music and art to start your weekend off. I fell in love with this hauntingly sad-sweet piece by Shigeru Umebayashi and paired it with some of my favorite romantic images on my “Mothers and Other Lovers” Pinterest page. Enjoy.


Antonio Canova - Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss, 1793

Antonio Canova – Psyche Revived by Cupid’s kiss


Edvard Munch, Kiss by the Window, 1892, Oil on canvas    73 x 92 cm   See the best #Art installations in New York at www.artexperience...

Edvard Munch “Kiss by the Window”


Guinivere, Emma Florence Harrison.

A Knight’s Kiss b Anne Anderson

Autor:Rodin Obra: El beso Obra hiperrealista realizada en mármol. Tiene una textura la cual interpreta el artista sobre la obra totalmente de acuerdo con las características de un ser humano. La obra se encuentra en Paris

Auguste Rodin

Tristan and Isolde by Mac.Fisman

Tristan and Isolde by Mac Fisman

Lovers William_Powell_Frith_The_lovers

Lovers by William Powell Firth



Very classic Picasso style - love these!

By Erhard Loblein


One of Ireland's favourite paintings and also recently voted as the nations favourite as well -Frederic William Burton's 'The Meeting on the Turret Stairs'.

Meeting on the Turret Stairs by Frederick Burton


Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt


The Fisherman and the Siren - Frederic Leighton - WikiArt.org

The Fisherman and the Siren by Frederic Leighton



Adam and Eve from Milton’s Paradise Lost


Extremely rare 1923 edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren...

Gustaf Tenggren illustration for Grimm’s Fairy Tale



by Emil Nolde 1867 - 1956.

By Emil Nolde