Wise and lovely words to lean into: “My friend now calls herself Grandmother. She is learning to wear the robes of a big archetype. She is learning to walk gracefully into a different season of her life, walking in a different body. One with a slower pace and a wider lap, more spacious, deeply rooted in her own story”

Writings from Wild Soul

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My writing group started up again this week. A lovely circle of women who have been writing together for years now allowing me to guide them. A friend had shared with me that in the moon of October we are under an auspicious time for manifesting what we most desire. So I asked the group to ponder this question: what do you most desire now? The responses were rich and varied. One woman wrote a lovely poem about The Sudden Rose, that experience of something sweet and surprising arriving unbidden, how she wants more of those. Ah, yes, indeed.

This month my husband had surgery for one of those things that beset men in their elder years. All is well. In the process we talked about aging and ways we can embrace the lessening of capacity when that comes, how to live into this new phase of our lives…

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