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To commemorate my one-year blogging anniversary, I’m re-blogging my first post, with one like and one comment. How I love that I’ve discovered these past 12 months a community of fellow bloggers, sharing our stories, our passion, our art, our inspiration, and sometimes our heartache and troubles–and being blessed with support and encouragement, and sometimes, just someone to say I hear you, I like what you are doing here. Many thanks to all my followers and friends. Your are an important part of my life because your support allows me to pursue an activity I’ve come to love–blogging my thoughts into the universe, and being assured someone out there is listening.

Deborah J. Brasket

I created this blog to explore what it means to be living on the edge of the wild.

We all are, in some way, living on the edge of the wild, either literally or figuratively, whether we know it or not.  We all are standing at the edge of some great unknown, exploring what it means to be human in a more-than-human universe.

We encounter the “wild” not only in the natural world, but in ourselves and our daily lives, if only in our own strange dreams, our own unruly minds and rebellious bodies, our own inscrutable families and weird and wonderful pets.

We encounter the “wild” at the edges of science, the arts, and human consciousness.

I began my exploration into the wild quite literally, when our family was living aboard La Gitana and traveling around the world for six years. It became starkly apparent when I was sailing across the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by nothing but the sky…

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