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skin to skin Terrill Welch at www.redbubble.com

“Skin to Skin” by Terrill Welch at http://www.redbubble.com

Tonight as we marvel at the summer solstice super-moon, our family will be celebrating our daughter’s birthday. In remembrance of this lovely event, I’m posting some poems I wrote long ago about her birth.

The first was written as I rocked my small son while pregnant with her. The second was written after her birth.

I loved being big “with child” and these simple poems tried to capture that, and express the rapturous sense of identification I felt with nature–“Mother Earth.”

Song of Me and Mine

He comes to me in such sweet
sadness, sleepy eyes turned up,
asking, not knowing, his needs.

I lift him to my lap–he liquefies
and flows between my arm and breast,
melts into my soul.

I lean and rock and hum
to my own nectar—the weight of him
the rhythm of our song:

I’m big, full of child
and children. I gather
And caress my own

I feel of earth—Smell the rain
within me! Hear the suck—
the watering of root that pulls my breast?

Mounds below in fertile layers
Stirs a creature—I prophesy,
See small hands turn toward the sun.

Come to me! I’m big and bear
With pleasure. I’ll pause your pain
And feed your life with laughter

Come to me! Lay your body
near and nestle. You are the plant and fruit
The life begun. I am the earth,
I hug your roots, you touch the stars.

After Childbirth

It’s spring.
My long white wait of winter now is ended:
Protective mounds that bound and blessed are melting,
The windy howls and icy pain are past.

The seed has sprung with petal cheek beside me,
With awkward hands that clutch at satin mountains.
Her mouth takes hold the knotted root and sucks.

It’s spring.
I see the fertile hills outside my window,
The cow and calf that feed upon their greenness.
And we are one, maternal earth and I.

We bear with bated breath the weight of winter,
Then grow and swell to feed our springtime children,
And make ourselves the instruments of Love.

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Many thanks to artist Terrill Welch, and fellow blogger, for use of her lovely photograph.  More of her beautiful paintings and photographs can be found at her Creative Potager Blog and art website.  Prints of her lovely photograph and other works can be purchased here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/terrillwelch