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Wikipedia Commons A_Rose_Made_of_Galaxies_Highlights_Hubble's_21st_Anniversary_jpgI’ve gathered some images, sacred and sublime, to scroll through as you listen to Charlotte Church sing “O Holy Night“, one of my favorite Christmas carols.

I love this song, not only for the haunting melody and beautiful  lyrics, but also because night has always seemed holy to me.

When I walk out beneath the stars on a cold or balmy night, I’m awestruck by such beauty and mystery and magnificence. I feel humbled and incredibly grateful, as if witnessing the hand of the divine writ large across the sky.

The images below are my gift to you. They reflect what this season is all about for me, a sense of the sacred and sublime–scenes of the birth of Christ and families celebrating Christmas.

Photos of spectacular sunsets and winter wonderlands–nature in all her glory.

And finally, images of an infinite universe stretching out and wrapping about the earth as if we were a holy gift just waiting to be unwrapped.


Public Domain 507px-Stella_-_The_Adoration_of_the_Shepherds_-_Walters_371045

Walters – The Adoration of the Shepherds

Public Domain Peter_Paul_Rubens_-_L'adoration_des_Mages

Peter Paul Rubens – The Adoration of the Magi

Public Domain Raphaels_Geburt (2)

Raphaels Geburt


Paul Gauguin – Christmas Night (The Blessing of the Oxen)

Public Domain 589px-Attributed_to_Carel_Fabritius_002

Attributed to Carel Fabritius

Wikipedia Commons Heilige_Familie_und_Hirten_im_Stall_16Jh


Wikipedia Commons 398px-Christmas_throughout_Christendom_-_The_Christmas-tree

From Christmas throughout Christendom – The Christmas Tree

Wikipedia Commons 718px-Viggo_Johansen_A_Christmas_Story

Viggo Johansen – A Christmas Story

Public Domain Ferdinand_Theodor_Hildebrandt_001_original

Waiting for Father Christmas – Theodor Hildebrandt

Wikipedia Commons Sunset_-_Samurai_Beach_25Jan2004

Glorious Sunset

Widipedia Commons Winter_Wonderland_-_geograph_org_uk_-_1110159

Winter Wonderland

Wikimedia Commons GALAVERNA

A White Christmas

Wikipedia Commons Blackbird-sunset-03

Blackbirds flock at Nightfall

Image 13

Wikipedia Commons Frosty_trees_in_winter_wonderland_Helsinki_6

Frosty Trees in Winter Wonderland

Wikipedia Commons Bali_june_aft

Cosmic Skies over Bali

Wikipedia Commons Northern_Lights,_Greenland

Northern Lights over Greenland

Wikipedia Commons Il_conte_di_Luna_-_Night_stars_(by-sa)

Stars trailing through the night


Earth Rises in the Night



Hubble Mist M43_HST

Night Mist as seen by Hubble

This false-color composite image shows the Cartwheel galaxy as seen by the Galaxy Evolution Explorer's Far Ultraviolet detector (blue); the Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field and Planetary Camera-2 in B-band visible light (green); the Spitzer Space Teles

Cartwheel Galaxy



Hubble Different_Slant_on_Orion_(495636660)

Orion as seen by Hubble

Hubble The_Milky_Way_galaxy_center_(composite_image)

The Milky Way Galaxy


Our home Earth wrapped up in the Milky Way Galaxy