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family-of-bloggers-awardI’ve been honored with a nomination for the Family of Bloggers Award, thanks to the lovely Sandy, whose blog Another Lovely Day blesses my email inbox each morning with beautiful photography, inspiring quotations, and posts about the writing life.

Bliss in ImagesThis nomination gives me another opportunity to honor other bloggers with a nomination to thank them for being a part of my “family of bloggers” and for blessing cyber-space with their talented creativity, passion and wisdom.

Here are my nominations for this lovely award:

Jacqueline, Bliss in Images  http://blissinimages.wordpress.com

Sumptuous images and stunning writing.  The photos in this post are from Bliss in Images

Cassie, Books and Bowel Movements  http://booksandbowelmovements.com

Book reviews that are poetic and profound.

Bliss in ImagesSeedbud, Leaf and twig 

Poetry and photography entwined—simple and stunning

David, Signals to Attend 

Beautiful meditations on the art of living.

Bliss in ImagesKatherine, The Intrinsic Writer

Savvy tips on writing and the writing life

Matt, Monkey Moon Machine 

Fun and offbeat musings on writing and creativity.

Bliss in ImagesPatrick, Canadian Hiking Photography 

Nature photography worthy of framing, along with tips on how to take them.

Bliss in ImagesThose who wish to accept this award can go HERE for the guidelines, one of which is to create an anagram from the word FAMILY listing the attributes we hope to bring to the blogging family.

Here’s what I hope to contribute:

Bliss in ImagesFellowship,

Artful living,

Mindful writing,

Inspiration, a

Love of life, and a

Yin-Yang perspective to pull it all together.

PHOTO CREDIT: Many thanks to Jacqueline, Bliss in Images blog, for the use of her photos in this post.Bliss in Images