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“The artist’s function is to love the enigma. All art is this: love which has been poured out over enigmas – and all works of art are enigmas surrounded and adorned by love.” Rainer Maria Rilke”

“The object which is at the back of every work of art, is the attainment of a state of being, a state of functioning, a more than ordinary moment of existence.” Robert Henri, American painter, from The Art Spirit (1923)

I’ve created a writing website, Writing From the Underbelly, where more of my writing can be found, including excerpts from stories and novels in-process, social commentary and literary criticism.

My writing emerges from that “soft underbelly of thought” where half-formed feelings, images, ideas take shape and find substance on the printed page. I write to discover things about myself and the world that lie just below conscious thought. When I write, I’m exploring worlds that I did not know existed until I wrote them, and by doing so, I feel immensely blessed to be able to experience life on that level, which is deeper and more meaningful than what I had known before.

Some poetry and excerpts from stories can be found on this blog under the category My Writing.

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“If the book we are reading does not wake us, as with a fist hammerin gon our skull, why then do we read it?  What we must have are those books which come upon us like ill-fortune, and distress us deeply, like the death of one we love better than ourselves . . . . A book must be an ice-axe to break the sea frozen inside us.”  – Franz Kafka


4 thoughts on “My Writing”

  1. I enjoyed the poetry on your writing-dedicated site. It’s beautiful. We seem to share similar notions about nature and its holiness (if I can use that term). I encourage you to read Albert Camus’ early lyrical essays. My favorite prose passage of all time is from his essay ‘Summer in Algiers’ and reads: “But to be pure means to rediscover that country of the soul where one’s kinship with the world can be felt, where the throbbing of one’s blood mingles with the violent pulsations of the afternoon sun.” Nature does indeed seem sacred. I suppose we’re pagans. Personally, I think being a nature-loving heathen is one of the best ways to live.

    • Thank you. Cody. So glad you went to my writing site and liked the poetry. I would use that word holiness too when I feel immersed in nature. I love that line from Camus you wrote–just beautiful. I’ll check out his poetry and the rest of that essay too. Thank you for bringing to it to me.

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